Fall and winter holidays are the premier time of the year to practice the art of entertaining, and specifically, table setting. With more than one large feast in order during this season, perfectly placed table linens, patterned plates, and charming napkins have their time to shine. With our first entertaining event quickly approaching, we’ve pulled together some helpful tips for setting your Thanksgiving table in classic Caspari style.

Tabletop Essentials

A. Pick your palette and start with base pieces. Choose a dinner plate that will add color and will complement the patterns on your tabletop. These solids accent and offset bold prints to give your settings the right amount of edited style.

B. Enhance the dimension of your table by layering in subtle but rich texture. Caspari Paper Linen Napkins offer a soft, plush texture that absorbs and performs like cloth. We love our Natural Jute pattern because it features a high-quality, fabric-like look.

C. Our patterns and images are sourced from artist and museums from around the world. Because of this, many Caspari Paper Plates feature elegant designs that offer the formality of fine china with the ease of disposable dinnerware. Make your pattern choices bold and chic when layering in a salad or dessert plate.

D. For a bit of unexpected fun at the table, Celebration Crackers are great additions to each pacesetting that will make more than just conversation. Have guest pair up to pull them apart with a “pop!” and split up the prizes. Each contains a paper crown, which traditionally, is worn at the dinner table.

E. A perfectly positioned place card can tell your guests everything they need to know—from where to sit to what kind of cake or casserole you’ve baked. Use them to label place settings, cheese plates, and dishes on your tabletop.

Tabletop Extras

A. Guest Towel Napkins are ideal extras for any room in your home when entertaining. Leave them out next to a spread of hors d’oeuvres, leave them in a holder on the counter of your guest bath, or add them to your tabletop for a pop of pattern.

B. Another versatile addition, Cocktail Napkins offer a great way to mix & match pattern in a setting. For example, layer in a harvest-inspired fall print next to your main thanksgiving themed pieces. Leaves, berries, or even a simple splash of gold add an element of seasonal style and complement the theme without matching too perfectly.

C. To give your individual place settings a strong foundation with a Charger plate. We love Rattan Chargers, as they give a rich texture to the table and bring in warmth with their natural material. This woven accent is beautiful, functional, and offers more stability to the exceptionally full plates you will undoubtedly have at your Thanksgiving meal.

D. Placemats lay the groundwork for your table's theme. Begin here with your chosen pattern and layer upwards with neutral and complementary pieces until you top your settings off with a coordinating patterned salad plate. This technique is a sure way to marry together all the individual components into a stunning overall setting.

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