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  1. The Washington Post Features Caspari Placemats

    in the article, "That old fussy china can fit your casual lifestyle. Designers talk about how." Designer Alex Papachristidis says one of his go-tos are durable Caspari wipe-clean placemats. “They look so chic,” he says, “yet they are so practical.”

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  2. Seeing Spots—Our New Statement-Making Pattern

    Making appearances on walls, tech screens, textiles, and more, painterly spots are trending in art and design. Both playful and elegant, our Spots pattern is an updated take on animal print designs. It's available in four colors: classic black & white, metallic gold, shimmering silver, or playful green. Spots pairs well with bright solids, stripes, florals, and other impactful patterns making it compatible with nearly any tabletop style.

    We're seeing spots everywhere. Check out these inspiring rooms that have incorporated this playful pattern in a bold way & get inspired to bring spots into your home.












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  3. Create a Spring Gallery Wall with Caspari Art

    With the arrival of the new year and the transformative spring season trailing not far behind it, we’ve been thinking about ways to refresh and awaken our homes. The thaw of winter brings a new found energy; flowers bloom, grass grows, birds chirp, and the sky sheds its gray tone for a brighter shade of blue. Our spring collection reflects this buzzing, energetic feeling through an abundance of color, movement, and inspiration from nature. Hand-painted florals range from the soft watercolor variety to bold and wildly brushed blooms. We’ve selected art from renowned botanical painters and esteemed horticultural organizations, which captures the detailed beauty of the season’s fruit and flora. Other pieces from the collection draw inspiration from ceramic arts, textile designs, and artworks from museums around the world.

    Because of Caspari’s ties to fine arts, interior design, and even fashion, our products effortlessly make the transition from utilitarian to artistic with just a few simple steps. You can bring the bright, bold, and blossoming feelings of spring to your walls with our spring wrapping paper collection! The durable and high-quality printed papers can be used to create a gallery wall fit for a true gallery, as well as one that gets your decor in-step with the season. We’ll show you how to create a chic framed assortment of Caspari art.

    What You Need:

    • Pencil
    • Caspari Gift Wraps
    • A Paper Cutter or Sharp Scissors
    • Picture Frames and Mats
    • Hammer
    • Small Nails

    What You Need to Do:

    1. Pick Your Favorite Prints!

    The beauty of a gallery wall is in it’s eclectic, well-mixing but not matching style. Select a variety of prints that you love and that “feel” right together to you. We recommend 5-7 for a small gallery. Browse our spring paper assortment and make note of your favorite designs.

    2. Select Frames & Mats

    Do you want a perfectly symmetrical gallery with matching frames? Or do you want a mixture of sizes and colors? Decide which patterns you want to frame with a mat and which you want to frame in a simple fashion.

    3. Measure Twice, Cut Once

    You know the golden rule! But with a simple trick, you won't need to measure at all to get a perfect fit. Remove the glass from your frame and lay it on the backside of your chosen paper, then trace around the edges lightly with a pencil and cut along that line. If you have a paper cutter, we recommend it for smooth, straight cuts, but a sharp pair of scissors will work just as well.

    4. Lay it Out

    Before you hang your spring gallery, lay it out on the floor to create the perfect arrangement. Which patterns look the best side by side? Which frames line up well? If you want to add any art or objects you already have to the wall, now is the time to mix them in!

    5. Hang it Up

    Grab your hammer & nails and transfer your gallery layout to the wall!

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