'Tis the season for backyard BBQs, pool-side parties, and sun-soaked hangouts. Get prepped for all of summer's parties with a palette of patriotic colors and a variety of entertaining essentials. Double woven rattan serveware, shatter-proof acrylic drinkware, and abundant paper napkins and plates are our among our most necessary must-haves for outdoor dining. But our best hot-weather hosting tip is to set guests up to serve themselves! Create a colorful display on your bar or credenza where everyone can grab-and-go without a fuss. This allows the hostess to sit back, relax, and never leave her float because that's what summer is for.

A serving tray is a perfect way to display your dining essentials. Set out plates, napkins, and utensils in plain view or create a stylish drink station.

Once you've gathered everything your guests need, it's time to turn your attention to the décor. At our last patriotic party, we went all-out with a transformative trick that will elevate your party style to new heights. Choose a selection of Caspari napkins that fit your palette and theme to create a bold patchwork accent wall. The supplies are minimal but the impact is huge.

Iron your napkins, tape your patches, and set up your self-service station. This eye-catching wall display will lead guest right where they need to be to get a plate, grab a drink, and join in on the summer fun!