5 Snappy Flowers to Grow from Seed

These flowers are a cinch to grow from seed. All they demand is a sunny spot and some water. With that small investment, even a noice gardener will be rewarded with vases full of gorgeousness from early summer to the first frosts. To keep them productive, don’t wait for the flowers to go over. Instead, pick them at their peak because the more you pick the more they will bloom. 



Larkspurs (Consolida ajacis) are so much easier to grow cousin than their fussy cousin delphinium. They offer a similar palette of dreamy blues, pinks and purples with a finer fern like leaf. They also easily self seed and make wonderful cut flowers.



A cottage garden staple Cosmos (Cosmos bipinnatus) adds an air of elegance to any setting. They are available in a range of heights and colors making them easy to place in the garden. 


Scented Tabaco 

For a summer flower with a divine scent Scented Tobacco (Nicotiana) is hard to beat. After the sun goes  down, this plant fills the garden with its heady fragrance. An added bonus: it is embarrassingly generous with its offspring. Be sure to plant it where settle down for years.


Spider Flowers 

Don’t let the name put you off these delightful plants. Spider Flower (Cleome) will grow into towering floral spikes that make it a stand out in the garden. Like Nicotiana, once it comes in to the garden it will happily make it its own.


Snow on the Mountain

Another generous garden friend, Snow on the Mountain (Euphorbia marginal) offers a beautiful variegated foliage and white, rather inconspicuous flowers. This plant brightens up a border and is perfect for that dark spot at the back of the bed.


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