Bringing Back the Art of Writing

Let’s bring back the romance of letter writing! With life zipping by at breakneck speed, all of us are keeping up with our families and closest friends with quick texts and emails – maybe an actual phone call if you’re really feeling leisurely. These days it’s as if the handwritten letter is an unheard-of luxury, and therefore makes receiving a tangible piece of correspondence in the post very special indeed. Who doesn’t love the surprise of discovering a letter waiting in the mailbox?

Because we believe in the art of writing, we've spent months designing, redesigning and editing a new collection of personalized stationery. After ages of debate and revision, we finally landed on two classic formats to suit every whim: correspondence cards and folded notes. It took all our inner discipline to whittle the collection down to the artwork featured on each piece. We tweaked colors and styles until we found the perfect array of monograms, initials and fonts for each design. We print everything in our United States bindery on heavyweight cardstock, and can even print coordinating envelopes with your return address printed on the envelope flap.

Of course, a personal note is ideal to dash off a quick message just to say hello, but why not consider a monogrammed correspondence card for hand-written invitations or menu cards for your next intimate dinner party? After all, signature stationery is oh so chic. Not only is it lovely to write on, but affords you the opportunity to stop, slow down and carefully choose your words. The recipient of your note or invitation will always feel special that you took time to hand write a message just to them.

Custom stationery makes for a perfectly charming gift, as well. A brilliant thank you gift to the host for a weekend at their home, a present for a new graduate, or even a wedding gift, you can put together a luxurious gift by pairing personalized notecards with coordinating cocktail napkins or really splash out with a lacquer tray.

Treat yourself or someone else very lucky to this everyday luxury, and just think of all the excuses you’ll come up with to practice putting pen to paper.

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