Acorn & Oak Leaf Dip Bowl
Choose something saucy for your autumn table décor. Our Acorn & Oak Leaf Dip bowl is perfect for dips and sauces of all kinds. We also like to serve candies and nuts in this clear glass dish embellished with a...
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Bee Glass Honey Pot with Spoon
Vagabond House's Glass Honey Pot with Spoon is a showcase for honey, watched over by the honey makers. Pewter 3-D honeybees are highly detailed, capturing the form and spirit of nature’s hardest worker. One bee is perched on the lid,...
Bee Honey Dipper
Add a drizzle of flavor to your drink of choice with this Bee Honey Dipper from Vagabond House. Crafted in our signature pewter, this piece features a small honeybee at the end as it hangs onto a small bar jutting...
Medici in Vino Veritas Wine Carafe
Vagabond House's pewter embellished glass In Vino Veritas Wine Carafe is crafted in a modern open carafe style. A pewter collar is inscribed with the Latin phrase In Vino Veritas, in English, we would say In wine, there is truth....
Modern Tribeca Teak Napkin Ring - Set of 2
Finish your table setting with Vagabond House's Tribeca Napkin Rings. Featuring clean lines, the fine hardwood and luxury pewter of our Tribeca Collection creates a retro modern vibe that only the bold and daring will successfully display, wowing guests and...
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Oak Leaf Candlestick - Set of 2
Elegant natural décor and soft romantic candlelight are on hand when you decorate with Vagabond House's Acorn and Oak Leaf Single Taper Candlestick. Crafted from our pure pewter, the single, highly polished classic socket is supported by an intricately detailed...
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Olive Bar Board
Cleverly embellished with olive details in luxury pewter, our lustrous acacia bar board is perfect for crafting martini condiments or serving small bites for two. Our bar boards are crafted from beautifully striated, naturally chatoyant acacia wood. Extremely durable and...
Olive Cheese Board
Cleverly embellished with olive details in luxury pewter, our shimmery, warm toned acacia cheese board is the perfect size to serve a special cheese. Crafted from naturally chatoyant, moisture resistant acacia wood, our cheese boards are extremely durable and will...
Olive Grove Glass & Pewter Bowl
Vagabond House's Olive Grove Pewter Footed Dip Bowl features a clear, glass bowl with slightly rounded sides resting upon an exquisitely detailed, pewter olive wreath. Double clusters of olives form the feet of the bowl.
Pear Cheese Board
Small, realistic pears accent your cheese display as they lie along the edge of this acacia wood board. Crafted in luxury-grade pewter, the fruit extends from a short stem, which hangs over the piece's edge. Intricate leaves display tremendous definition...
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Pewter Pheasants Salt & Pepper Set
Our designer, Helen Richard is a master wildlife artist, this intricately detailed pair of pheasants, mini-statues in luxury pewter, is a stunning example of her artistic talent
Pewter Song Birds Salt & Pepper Set
Tiny statues of sweet song birds are hand-cast in luxury pewter with delicate, accurate detail becoming Vagabond House’s Song Bird Salt and Pepper Set. Inspired by the song sparrow flock near our offices, this pair is a welcome spot of...
Pewter Spaniel Salt & Pepper Set
Our Morning Hunt Collection Brittany Spaniel Salt and Pepper Set is created with from richly detailed Vagabond House pewter. Crafted in such detail that you can imagine their wet noses and warm kisses, these faithful friends are a perfect table...
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Pomegranate Salt & Pepper Set
Our Pomegranate Salt and Pepper Set honors the fruits of the Earth with its realistic, garden-themed design. Crafted in luxury-grade pewter, this set features two pomegranates with crown-shaped stems and smooth shells. One piece of figural fruit is split to...
Quail Salt and Pepper
"Vagabond House’s Pewter Quail Salt and Pepper Set is a pair of tiny quail statues. This lovely, loving quail couple tilt their heads towards each other as if conversing about things only quail could know. Intricately detailed feathers and life...
Radish Salt & Pepper Set
As if freshly pulled from the garden, these pure-pewter statuettes feature skinny rootlets extending from the main, globular taproot. Intricate leaves protrude off each radish's stem, while the shaker holes display near the top of these figural vegetables. Spruce up...
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Squirrel with Wood Acorn Salt & Pepper Set
Ready to help delight your guests, Vagabond House's Squirrel with Wood Acorn Salt and Pepper Set features one of Vagabond House's trademark squirrels offering a wooden acorn with a pewter cap to add spice and style to your table. The...
Stag Stirrup Cup
Toast to a successful hunt or outdoor endeavor with this attractive Stag Stirrup Cup. Able to balance on both ends, this cup features an exquisite elk head as its crown. Perhaps thirsty itself, the creature's mouth opens as its head...
Two Taper Pewter Song Bird Candelabra
The unique non-symmetrical style of our song bird candelabrum is completed by the charm of a delicately detailed pewter song bird perching between its gracefully curved arms. The arms support beveled ring style bobeches topped by tulip shaped taper sockets....
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