A Day in Paris Getting to Know the Saint-Germain Area

Caspari has enjoyed a long love affair with Paris, and many of the city’s museums, shops and design houses have become our partners over the years. This kinship with the City of Light magnified when Caspari opened its first retail store in Paris’ Saint-Germain neighborhood on the Left Bank. This artistic, beautiful neighborhood has offered up so much inspiration to Caspari’s president, Lisa Milbank, throughout the years. Read her guide to the best places to see, shop and eat in her home away from home.

What to See and Where to Shop in Saint-Germain


This tiny mid-19th-century taxidermy shop and museum is an enchanting cabinet of curiosity. Animals of every kind, from insects to lions, are displayed in all their beauty for the benefit of art and education, some of which have been captured on paper by Caspari. Deyrolle aims to fuse nature with art and does so with marvelous results.


Musee Delacroix

Situated on one of the most charming Parisian squares, artist Eugène Delacroix’s perfectly preserved apartment and studio open onto a beautiful private garden. This quiet, little-known museum is a must-see.


Luxembourg Gardens

The history of this 55-acre attraction dates back to 1612, and these are the first French gardens inspired by the Italian Baroque era. Moreover, the Luxembourg Palace, now occupied by the French Senate, overlooks the winding paths, greenhouses, statues and other gorgeous characteristics of the iconic Gardens.


Au Bain Marie

When you’re ready to do some shopping, this charming and playful tableware store is well worth stopping in to browse. A visit here is like a journey through time, thanks to historical treasures and whimsical designs. Caspari is lucky enough to carry their unique plate collections in our stores.


Officine Universelle Buly Paris

Buly is an awe-inspiring pharmacy dating back to 1803. The jewel box store itself is worth a visit, but the soaps and perfumes they sell are wrapped in irresistible packaging that our design eye can’t help but admire.


Anatolie Kilim

For those that can't get enough of ancient Kilim rugs from the Middle East, this store will have you spellbound for hours as you look through the piles of floor coverings. You’ll find rugs in every size, shape and color, all of them possibilities for taking home as a reminder of your time in Paris. The shop’s owner will share his infinite knowledge of rugs and maybe even some fruit or tea from his recent buying trips.


Pierre Frey

Don’t let your time in Saint-Germain pass without a trip to the showroom of legendary textile and home furnishings designer, Pierre Frey. Pierre Frey has been a licensing partner of Caspari’s for years and is also next door neighbor to our retail store at 7 rue Jacob.


Where to Eat in Saint-Germain

What’s a trip to Paris without the amazing French cuisine? Here are a few of our favorites:


Maison Sauvage

This flower-covered restaurant in the heart of Saint-Germain is our favorite go-to for brunch. Nestled on the corner of the most bustling street in Saint Germain, the people watching is almost as good as the modern French menu. 


Le Bon Saint-Pourcain

When it’s time for dinner, we recommend this tiny and inventive restaurant, which you’ll find down a narrow lane under the shadow of some of the neighborhoods most famous monuments. The menu changes constantly and has only three choices for appetizers and three for main dishes. All of them are delicious, so you can’t go wrong!


Fromager Barthélemy

Fromager Barthelemy is a small shop with the best French - and foreign - cheese selection one can find. The woman who runs the retail establishment is famously intimidating, but is passionate about cheese and has never let us down when helping us shop her amazing variety.


We hope this guide brings design inspiration, delicious food and wine, and maybe a little left bank magic to your next visit to Paris.  Bon voyage!

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