A New & Improved International Shopping Experience

The main benefit of shopping online is having the ability to shop at times and places that are best for you. And the experience is even better if the sites you frequent are made with your country in mind.

Knowing this, we recently launched two sites for international customers, specifically geared towards people in the United Kingdom (https://uk.casparionline.com/) and Europe (https://international.casparionline.com/). Once you arrive at one of the international sites, it’s easy to switch between the United States, United Kingdom, and Europe by using the drop-down menu at the upper-left of the site header if needed. Also, in that same area of the site, you'll find the convenient region-specific phone number you can use to contact us if questions arise.

Both of the new sites feature our entire new Spring and Summer 2020 collection, which celebrates Caspari’s 75th anniversary. Choosing what you want to order is straightforward and fun when you browse through the themed sections to find the items you want or need. Enjoy our improved checkout process, which increases the ease of finalizing your purchase.

All prices displayed include VAT, which means you aren’t surprised by the total. Plus, you can pay with major credit cards or PayPal while having a billing address located anywhere in the world. Look forward to quick service, too. All items ship from our Denmark warehouse, and in-stock items arrive within 1-2 business days. We also negotiated low shipping rates to all residential areas within Europe and the United Kingdom.

Visit our user-friendly international sites today and see how simple it is to order Caspari designs for your tabletop and home wherever you are.

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