Artist Harrison Howard & His Chinoiserie Works

We love discovering and partnering with artists from around the world so that you can bring products inspired by their work into your home. California-based Harrison Howard is one of the expressive artists you’ll find highlighted within many of our items.

He’s said he takes much of his inspiration from art that celebrates the positive sides of life and has a heavy dose of imagination. It’s no surprise, then, that chinoiserie is one of Howard’s specialties.

That kind of art shows European interpretations of Asian culture. It rose to prominence in the 17th and 18th centuries, particularly as many European nations increased their trading activity with China and East Asia. People in Europe started envisioning what life was like in those far away places, knowing that traveling there was virtually out of the question.

Some of the most popular chinoiserie-inspired pieces in European households were tea service sets and room screens. Both of those items usually included vibrant and highly realistic scenes that added to the decorative atmosphere.

Traveling to Asia is a more accessible goal for many people living in modern times. That reality hasn’t lessened the popularity of chinoiserie, though. As they say, the best trends never truly go out of style! We’re proud to feature Harrison Howard’s art in several of our product designs.

Coral Pagoda depicts a whimsical underwater world in which a pagoda stands complete with spotted seahorses, textured coral, and delicate shells. Our latest from Harrison, Seahorses and Shell, keeps with this other-worldly underwater theme. Anything but ordinary, these designs can be used to create a coastal table setting with a unique flair.

Add some land animals to your decor with our adorable Monkey Business assortment. The bamboo scaffolding and lanterns give Asian flair, and you can’t help but smile at the mischievous primates.

After you bring these unique designs to your table, you may find yourself inspired to share them with others. Monkey Business, Animals & Garden Pavillions, and When Dogs Play are all available as stationary styles. Find your favorite scene and share it!

No matter if you’re a longtime fan of Harrison Howard or first heard of him today, these tabletops and stationery designs give you plenty of ways to enjoy his creativity. The note cards and invitations burst with so much appeal that recipients will want to display them on a mantle or refrigerator all year after getting them in the mail. Plus, the napkins and guest towels fill your home with personality during gatherings of all types and sizes.

Seahorses and Shell
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