Pierre Frey & Caspari: Introducing a new collaboration.

Caspari & Pierre Frey, a perfect pairing.

Maison Pierre Frey, the celebrated home textiles company, combines tradition and modernity, know-how and creative skill, history and innovation. Founded in 1935, Pierre Frey draws inspiration from the past as well from around the world, creating daring, contemporary collections whose materials, motifs and colors take one back into history and off on a unique voyage. Over the years, the company has expanded its product offerings to new areas of expression, and is now well known not only for their sumptuous fabrics, but also wallpaper, rugs, and furniture.

Caspari has a long friendship with Maison Pierre Frey, and particularly with Patrick Frey, who took over as artistic director in 1969 and runs the family company today with his sons. Caspari counts itself lucky to publish many of Pierre Frey's iconic designs in our tabletop, gift and décor products. In this year's collections of textiles, wallpapers and rugs, Pierre Frey collaborates with Caspari to celebrate life in the garden with its flowers, architecture, tents and pergolas—pretexts for playful motifs. By modifying the scale, Pierre Frey reveals all the strength and details of these original pieces of art chosen from the Caspari archives.

Although we work in different mediums and scales, the Caspari and Pierre Frey Houses have been working together for many years and share much in common. Both attract great importance to quality of execution, honoring the production techniques of lauded print and textile manufacturers, and value the hand of the artist above all. Both houses allow themselves the luxury of eclecticism; nothing is forbidden, design motifs may be found in the collection of a textile museum, in a plate purchased at auction or in a flea market, in the works of an exciting artist, or within the house's own archives.

The Garden

The Garden

'Foxgloves' as shown by Pierre Frey

Porches, verandas, and terraces serve to ease the border between inside and outside. Caspari has always believed in bringing the garden inside as a source of beauty and conviviality.

To this end, Pierre Frey has created Les Digitales wallpaper, which pairs beautifully with Caspari's Foxglove lacquer trays and our bamboo and brass candlesticks.

Trend Meets Tradition

Trend Meets Tradition

In Our Shop: Pagodas in Blue

Pagodas abound in these modern interpretations of classic chinoiserie motifs. Pierre Frey's Les Folies wallpaper nestles Harrison Howard follies into a sea of painted coral, while Les Pagodes and Corail introduce a clean, modern look to both a classic toile pattern and allover coral design in Pierre Frey wallpaper and textiles.

Chinoiserie Style

East Meets West

Chinoiserie Style

Celebrating Caspari's longstanding partnership with artist Harrison Howard, this assortment plays up the dramatic in vivid shades of green and coral against a backdrop of black. Pierre Frey wallpaper Les Singes Savants makes an incredible backdrop for our lacquer trays, acrylic glassware, and bamboo flatware featuring classic Chinoiserie motifs of pagodas, bamboo, and exotic wildlife.

Summer House

The Summer House

Meadow Flowers by Caspari

We visit the garden once again with Pierre Frey's Jolies Fleurs wallpaper and Treillage fabric, evoking the mixture of architectural details which give structure to the garden, and of course the brilliant flowers that give it color and life.

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