Prep Your Home with Palms for Fall

Accessories featuring the distinctive imagery of palm leaves bring exotic flair to your home, and they’re on trend this fall. Palm leaves let you capitalize on nature’s beauty and create a look that’s lavishly tropic. Even better, there is no shortage of ways to incorporate palm imagery into your decorating agenda this season.

According to Elle Décor, Rayman Boozer of Apartment48 claims, “Whether embroidered on a pillow, perched askew in a vase, or replicated on wallpaper, palm imagery is a major trend right now. The look is lush, natural, warm, and most importantly, versatile. With palms, your surrounding design can be opulent and raised to the heavens or more down to earth, an organic oasis."

To create your own oasis this season, start by decorating for dinner. Delight guests by serving appetizers or drinks on a lacquer tray that features a shimmering gold palm leaf on its surface. Or, purchase a few packs of napkins with palm leaf designs.

If you want to continue adding palm-centric personality to your home, try the guest bath, bar or living room. Our Under the Palms napkins feature warm fall colors and a natural tropical print, which is perfect for displaying in a napkin holder on your counter, table, or bar. Consider gathering some artificial palm leaves in a tall vase and using to decorate an empty corner, too.

Expect to see palm leaves popping up in many of the homes you visit this autumn. It’s time to get a head start and take inspiration from these ideas to enjoy the trend yourself.
Autumn Palms
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