Step-by-Step Guide to Gift Wrapping

No matter if you’re celebrating someone’s birthday, holiday, or a special occasion, life gives you plenty of excellent reasons to give thoughtful gifts. You probably put lots of effort into finding the ideal item for the person on your list. Here’s how to wrap it so that the present makes a beautiful statement of how much you care even before the recipient opens it.

  1. Sit at a table to wrap and consider placing your item into a box, especially if it has an unusual shape. The edges and corners of the box will make it easier to achieve a crisp look.
  2. Put the present or box face down on the wrapping paper. Check out our huge assortment to find the ideal style of wrap. Whether you want an elegant pattern or a whimsical animal design, we have dozens of lovely possibilities.
  3. Gauge how much paper you need by folding the paper over the item while it remains on the roll. Leave the paper attached to the roll while you use scissors to cut along one side. You’ll need enough to cover both sides of the gift without too much excess. If you do end up cutting more than enough, you can fold the paper to compensate.
  4. As you sit on the same side of the table as the roll of wrap, pull the paper firmly up and over the far end of the present, then secure it with double-sided tape. If using a box, run your thumb and index finger over the edge of it while pressing down to make a crease in the paper.
  5. Pull the roll of paper gently so that the material comes up to meet the part of the present you’ve wrapped so far. Then, leave an inch of extra paper before cutting the rest of the paper off the roll.
  6. Fold the extra bit of the paper under and crease it, then use your tape again to keep the material in place.
  7. Tackle the open corners of the present next by making 45-degree flaps at each one. Simply press the paper inward carefully and make creases once you do.
  8. Fold down the top flap, and make two creases — one along the gift’s top edge, and another where the paper touches the bottom edge. Use tape to keep the paper fastened after creasing. Do the same on the present’s opposite side.


Adding Ribbon or Bow

Want to add ribbon to your gift? No worries. That’s a pretty way to cap off your efforts. Browse our ribbon selection to find a hue that complements the wrap.

  1. Cut a length of ribbon about five times the length of your gift. Lay the present face down on it.
  2. Pull both ends up, and bring the right end over the left. Then, tug them horizontally so they cross.
  3. Turn the box over and notice the two ribbon ends that should be roughly the same length. Thread each end under the part of the ribbon already on the box from the previous steps.
  4. Double-knot the ribbon, then tie it into a bow. You can use your fingers to add definition to the loops. We also sell wired ribbon, which is a smart choice for helping the bow keep its shape.

If you’d rather not go through those steps, consider our self-adhesive ribbon bows. They look pretty and are convenient since you buy them ready to apply fully formed to the package.


Using Bags and Tissue Paper

Bags and tissue paper are alternatives to using gift wrap, but some people choose to use both wrap and bags for extra effect. For example, you could experiment with solid colors on the wrap and a pattern on the bag or vice versa. Explore our collection to get inspired and excited about what you could do.

When using tissue paper and a bag, make sure to keep the size of your present in mind. Picking the appropriate size means your gift won’t slide around or fit too snugly. You may need to trim the tissue paper for use with a small bag. Just be sure to leave enough excess so the paper sticks out of the top.

  1. Take the tissue out of its bag and open it fully to create maximum volume.
  2. Arrange a few layers vertically, then put an equal number of pieces on top of those, but arranged vertically. Here’s where it’s fun to be particular about which colors to use.
  3. If you’re short on time, now’s the time to put all the tissue pieces gently into the bag by gently pushing downward into its base.
  4. Another option is to put one sheet onto a flat surface, then grasp the center of it with your thumb and index finger.
  5. Flick your wrist up quickly while continuing to hold the paper. You should then see that it resembles a funnel shape. Put the cone-like end down into the gift bag, and do this a few more times with coordinating colors of paper.

No matter if you go with wrap, a bag, and tissue or all three, don’t forget the all-important gift tag or enclosure card. We have handy adhesive options that adhere directly to the paper — along with appealing die-cut options.

If you want to write a quick note to go along with the present, our gift enclosure cards are ideal. Each card is on high-quality paper stock, and it comes with a matching envelope.

Some people find gift-wrapping a bit intimidating, although they can’t help but appreciate the pretty examples they find in crafting and decorating magazines. Thanks to these instructions, you’re well-prepared for any occasion that calls for giving a present!

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