Elegant Coffee Table Styling

Your coffee table is probably one of the most used pieces of furniture in your living room, but you might not think much about it beyond setting your beverage on the surface while reading the newspaper or a book. You can easily change that, turning the coffee table into a beautiful part of your room while making it even handier for the people who sit near it. Here’s how.

Coasters are an ideal coffee table accent that can be both utilitarian and stylish. our lacquer coaster sets quickly bring eye-catching shine and designs to the tabletop’s surface. Many of the options also have metallic accents for an elegant finish.

The most convenient feature of our coaster sets is that they come with matching holders. These are perfect for keeping coasters stacked and the coffee table area nicely organized. You might keep the coasters in their tray most of the time, but when you’re planning to host you can quickly place them on surfaces through the room before guests arrive. You can also choose a round faux leather or canvas coaster set in versatile solid colors. 

Our square, rectangular, and long bar trays complement your coffee table, especially when you want to serve appetizers or drinks to a group and not take several trips to the kitchen. The handles help you get a sturdy grip on each side. Guests will also love how the inside bottom part of many trays has a design to enjoy. As a bonus, our lacquer trays are available in designs that coordinate with our lacquer coaster sets!

Complete your coffee table with a beautiful tissue box cover. These high-shine and durable lacquered accessories fit square-shaped containers and, like the trays and coasters, feature themes based on artwork from around the world. Ideal for chicly displaying tissues in any room, these pieces also look great on your night stand or powder room counter.

The goal for a well-styled coffee table is to create a setting where people want to linger. These tips help you do that. Make the area even more inviting by selecting a coffee table book or two to pique people’s interest and encourage them to browse the content while taking sips of their drinks and conversing with you.

After reading the suggestions here, you’ll probably never again overlook the coffee table while finalizing your decorating plans. Making the coffee table gorgeous and ready to meet people’s needs helps the furniture become a welcome addition to any space where visitors gather.
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