Baby & Bridal Showers at Home

Organizing an indoor bridal or baby shower is not as straightforward these days because of restrictions and safety measures associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. The good news is that you can turn your own outdoor space into a lovely setting. Transforming your own location into your venue gives you more freedom, social distance, ability to sanitize, plus sunlight and a gentle breeze could make the atmosphere even more pleasant. 

Get started by picking out some stylish invitations. They’ll set the tone and make the attendees especially excited to help celebrate. We offer both blank and fill-in versions, letting you choose your preference for providing the essential details. Some of the designs include gorgeous flowers, aligning with your wise decision to throw the party outdoors.

Check out our convenient paper linen table covers while finalizing your table setup. They give the look of cloth at a more affordable price and can be disposed of after use. Then, depending on the number of people you invited, browse for disposable paper and washable acrylic tableware. Paper options work well for larger groups, but if you have a more intimate gathering in mind, our brightly colored acrylic options are well worth a look.

Consider a pastel or polka-dotted theme for your tableware, then mix in a few complementing solid hues for more variety.  Our rattan table products — such as trays and wine bottle coasters — also emphasize a laid-back approach for your outside get-together. Aim to arrange the seating so people can take their pick of sunny or shady areas while they enjoy snacks, beverages, and good company.

Thank your guests for joining the festivities by giving them party favor bags before they leave. Our designs have cutout handles for easy carrying. You could also include an extra touch by tying the bags closed with ribbon or writing each guest’s name on the bag by using an adhesive gift tag.

After trying these suggestions, you may find that having your shower outdoors gives new opportunities you didn’t imagine before. Succeeding with having a stupendous shower is all about having a positive mindset and thinking creatively about your options.

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