Hosting a Chic Backyard BBQ

The warm weather and longer nights of summer give you perfect opportunity to invite your nearest and dearest over for some quality time. Heading to the backyard with friends to enjoy some mouth-watering grilled fare is the perfect way to spend a summer evening.

Set a casually chic tone when hosting with our rattan products. These hand-woven items are durable and offer a textured, natural look for your get-together. Rattan trays help you seamlessly move snacks and drinks from the kitchen to the deck, and our rattan napkin rings let you continue the theme while setting the table.

Check out our paper napkins, table covers, and plates, available in a beautiful range of colors, patterns, and designs. They’re also convenient because they save you from hand-washing delicate dishes and table linens once guests leave.

Encourage attendees to stay cool in the sun by offering them fresh-made daiquiris. You can’t go wrong with this beloved drink, and don’t even need a blender to create it!

Start by squeezing a half-ounce of lime juice into your shaker. Then, add two ounces of white rum and a half-teaspoon of super-fine sugar. Some people prefer using dark rum instead. If you like that option better and think guests will too, slightly reduce the amount of sugar added. Shake the ingredients over ice, then strain the mixture into a chilled cocktail glass.

Browse our acrylic drinkware collection to find options that look elegant and are perfect for outdoor use. These BPA-free shatter-resistant options make outdoor entertaining hassle-free. Consider filling some pitchers with refreshing options like lemonade or iced tea so that people have several choices for staying hydrated all day.

While figuring out your menu, try to offer an assortment to suit most tastes. Hamburgers and hot dogs are long-standing favorites but don’t forget vegetarian options, whether you go with Portobello mushroom burgers or vegetable skewers. Fresh fruit, vegetable trays, and cheese & cracker spreads are also smart choices. They let people select some lighter goodies before going back to get second helpings of the main dishes.

Outdoor gatherings in the summer make it easy and fun to take full advantage of your yard and grilling equipment. After considering these tips, all that’s left to do is check the forecast for a pleasant day and send out your invitations!

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