A Spooky Soirée—Halloween Hosting for Grown-Ups!

As the last day of October gets nearer, you might prepare by helping the kids in your life choose their costumes or carve pumpkins. But why should young people have all the fun? Here are some tips to plan a Halloween gathering that adults can enjoy.

As you pick the decorations, remember that most people associate orange and black with Halloween. Focus on those two colors as you collect things like napkins, serving platters and tablecloths for the big day. Then, expand upon your color scheme by finding decorative items featuring witches, skeletons, black catsghosts, and more. Setting the scene like this helps you create an immersive mood that shows guests you kept the details in mind.

Maintain your themed approach by selecting mouth-watering treats for hungry attendees. For example, you can create a delicious pumpkin dip that has canned pumpkin and cream cheese as the primary ingredients. Alternatively, melt a piece of chocolate onto a pretzel, then top the treat with a piece of candy corn.

You can also try a ghostly twist on white chocolate-dipped strawberries. First, cover the berries generously with melted white chocolate. Then, carefully position three chocolate chips to serve as the pair of eyes and an O-shaped mouth that shows the ghost giving a creepy howl.

Don’t forget that food coloring is a safe and effective way to bring a Halloween hue to your consumables. You could use red to simulate blood, or go with green to recreate the strange tinge of Frankenstein’s skin. 

Once you satisfy your guests’ cravings for enticing things to eat, help them keep their thirst quenched, too. On the non-alcoholic side of things, vibrantly colored punch and some classic apple cider are sure to please everyone on your guest list.

Then, there are plenty of alcohol-based cocktails based on your seasonal theme. If you’re short on time or not feeling ready to whip up anything that’s too far of a departure from your old-standby libations, no worries.

Many Halloween cocktails are only slightly different from drinks you may make regularly. For example, you can swap green tomatillos for the typical tomato juice of a Bloody Mary and make a drink that tastes delicious and is the color of green slime.

Another simple thing to do is to put plastic spiders into an ice cube tray and freeze them along with the water. Adding decorative eyeballs that float on the surface of a drink also makes guests give a second look at their beverages while chuckling at your inventive idea.

When the sun goes down on All Hallows Eve this year, your abode can come alive with memorable festivities. Use these ideas as starting points, but always let your creative side shine.

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