Harvest Hosting: Creating a Fall Buffet & Charcuterie Board

Fall has arrived, and it’s a fantastic time to start thinking about hosting seasonal gatherings. Thanksgiving is arguably the get-together people most often associate with autumn, but there’s no reason to make that your only opportunity to get together and welcome others to your abode.

Consider setting up a fall buffet, complete with a serve-yourself area for guests to use. Then, they can sample plenty of treats, and you can dedicate a part of your home to show off all the delicious options.

A charcuterie board is an ideal complement to this kind of casual entertaining. It traditionally contains meats and cheeses, but you can expand beyond those foundational ingredients. When deciding what items to include, strike a balance between sweet and savory flavors, and choose things people often associate with autumn.

Apple slices, spiced pecans, and pumpkin seeds are just a few great examples! You might even feature brightly colored candy corn for a whimsical touch. Next, add things that are crowd-pleasers during any season, such as bacon-wrapped dates, pretzels and trail mix.

When you pick types of cheese for the assortment, go with a few options. A spreadable variety is scrumptious on seasoned crackers, but a harder cheese works nicely for forming into cubes that guests can eat with toothpicks.

Then, for meat, cured sausage or a lamb paté usually go over well. If serving meat in slices, keep them thin so they’re easier to manage as people go through the buffet line or pop the snack into their mouth while chatting with fellow attendees.

After settling on what tempting foods to provide on the charcuterie board, arrange your buffet to make things as easy as possible for your houseguests. If the items have common allergens or are hard to identify at a glance, labels help avoid confusion. Placecards double as food labels and maintain the autumnal theme.

It’s also a good idea to keep napkins and utensils at each end of the buffet. Then, people can grab those essentials as they approach the food, but it’s easy for them to go back and get them without waiting in line again if they forget or need extras. Not to mention, your napkins and plates are the best places to feature autumn pattern and color in your display. Our pick: Golden Chestnut, which features fall color and foliage!

These suggestions will help you host a festive fall event with confidence. You’re now all set to welcome friends to your home and celebrate a season known for its cooler temperatures and vibrant leaves.

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