Celebration Crackers (For More Than Christmas)

During the holiday season you probably dined at a few holiday gatherings that featured tables adorned with festive Christmas crackers. Holding a cracker from one end while someone else tugs the other side quickly adds laughter and fun to any setting. But, how did these crackers become so beloved?

The idea behind them came about in the mid-1800s thanks to a pastry maker named Tom Smith. But, like many inspirations that ultimately evolve, Smith initially had the idea to offer his customers sugared almonds wrapped in attractive paper. But, they didn’t sell as well as he’d hoped.

One night, when Smith was sitting by his fireplace and listening to the crackle of the flames, he thought about making treats that produced a similar cracking noise when opened. The possibility took root in Smith’s head then, and it became what’s now the Christmas cracker.

In 1861, Smith launched a collection of them called “Bangs of Expectation.” History suggests he may have partnered with a fireworks company to make the products have that all-important “bang” when pulled.

At Caspari, we take a year-round approach to this tradition with our collection of celebration crackers. The traditional three-segment, cylindrical crackers feature classic Caspari patterns, plus appliqués, bows, and more whimsical details. Our cone-shaped crackers take it a step further with their unique shape and ability to stand up. Inside each cracker are a surprise toy trinket and other treats that match the cracker's theme. Choose from dozens of varieties to suit your next party, whether you're hosting a bridal shower, birthday party, or other seasonal celebration.

Using celebration crackers at your next gathering is an excellent way to encourage two people who don’t know each other to engage in a lively conversation and break the ice. After all, pulling a celebration cracker apart requires working in pairs.

One of the most common ways to distribute the trinkets in each cracker is to give the one inside to the person holding the larger part of the cracker once it’s pulled apart. But, another option is to let everyone use their crackers simultaneously, then put all the trinkets together, such as in the center of a table. That approach lets guests pick the goodies they want most.

Celebration crackers are decorations with a memorable tradition behind them. Scattering a few on a tabletop before your party begins is a whimsical finishing touch that everyone will love. Make sure your next social event includes crackers for all to enjoy. They aren’t just for Christmas anymore!

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