Dazzle Guests With Autumn Jewel Tones

Many people like to celebrate seasonal transitions by choosing new color schemes for their abodes. Jewel tones are in the home decorating spotlight this fall.

As you might guess from the name, gemstones inspired this collection of hues, but they are mimicked in the spectrum of fall leaves. Ruby red, citrine yellow, and emerald green are some of the colors that fall into the rich jewel tones category.

Whether you pick paper products, tableware or textiles featuring rich jewel tones, the colors quickly grab attention. Think about combining options from this color palette that emphasize a regal theme, such as emerald green and ruby red. It’s no wonder that people often associate those shades with wealth and sophistication.

Jewel tones look exceptionally striking against a white or light-colored backdrop, as well. Try adding some to a main room of your home to create a bold and memorable visual impression.

A primary reason why rich jewel tones are so popular is that they make it easy and fun to emphasize the power of contrast as you decorate. Consider purchasing a package of dinner napkins with an emerald green background and a delicate gold design on top. That brilliant combination of colors catches the eye and adds elegance. But don’t shy away from selecting larger decor or tabletop accent pieces featuring jewel tones, such as a lacquer tray or acrylic drinkware

Autumn brings shorter evenings with it, and they can make any room seem a bit dreary once the sun goes down. Rich jewel tones help you brighten the area up again while enabling you to feel free to experiment with things you haven’t tried before. The ideas here should provide the confidence to play around with this beautiful assortment of options and eagerly anticipate gorgeous results.

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