Gifts to Keep On-Hand this Holiday

One of the most joyous things about the holiday season is that it brings abundant opportunities to gather, socialize, and meet new people. Perhaps your child brings an out-of-town guest home from college because that person can’t travel home this year. Or, a neighbor you don't see often might stop by with a container of freshly baked holiday cookies and want to stay and chat for a while.

In cases like these, it’s always great to have some gifts available to spontaneously give to unexpected holiday guests. Then, it’s easy to feel prepared to make everyone welcomed, no matter if they are a surprise or expected arrival.

Our die-cut and faux leather coasters are easy to gift home accents that anyone can use. Our die-cut styles come in several designs featuring unique shapes such as evergreen wreaths, flowers, and more. For a more neutral look, choose our round leather coaster sets, which come in chic acrylic holders. 

Decorative lacquer trays are also great for gift-giving, particularly if the recipient loves inviting people into their home as much as you do. Our lacquer serving and display trays are handmade in Vietnam and feature convenient cut-out handles on each side for hassle-free portability. The shiny finish showcases the beauty of the original designs, too.

New for the 2019 holiday season, our napkin and holder sets are gifts that keep giving. Each contains two packages of triple-ply napkins and a coordinated holder.  You can give napkins with a holiday theme, and your recipient can continue to choose new napkins to display in their holder each season.

Ornaments are gladly received too. They’re perfect for helping a person add even more cheer to their carefully decorated tree branches. Our collection of handcrafted blown-glass ornaments combine artisan craftsmanship with whimsical style. Anyone would be delighted to receive one of these Christmas keepsakes. 

Now is an ideal time to start planning so that you’re ready for any spur-of-the-moment gifting occasion this holiday season. Let these ideas shape your preparations this year.

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