Holiday Cocktail Party Hosting Tips!

The holiday season is here and there’s no better time to start gathering the necessities you need to hoast celebratory cocktail parties and gatherings. Here are some essential things to keep in mind.

As a first step, send your invitations early enough for people to set aside time to attend by clearing their calendars on the night. We recommend as early as 6 weeks or, for a more casual event, as little as 2 weeks. The holiday season can get busy, so once you iron out the time and date, it’s best to spread the word as efficiently as possible. We offer personalized invitations, as well as options that let you fill in the details by hand.

When purchasing cocktail napkins, check the number of people on the guestlist before confirming the quantity you want to buy. We recommend 3-4 cocktail napkins per person. Also, browse our beautiful personalized options to select napkins with a color palette to match your theme, plus add elegant monogramming.

Our personalized products ship within 7-10 business days and our personalization tool makes it simple to explore all the possibilities for ink or foil colors, fonts, and more. As soon as you receive your RSVPs, start creating your custom napkins!

Parties can get messy, and while you can't eliminate the possibility of spilled cocktails, you can avoid shattered or broken drinkware. Our acrylic options are both eye-catching and durable. From highball glasses and tumblers to wine and martini glasses, all of our acrylic drinkware is shatter-resistant. Whether you go with a colored or clear variety, these designs make it hassle-free and fun to serve guests with style.

Keep napkins within easy reach in any room by displaying them in elegant napkin holders. You can buy acrylic options to coordinate with the drinkware or shimmering lacquer designs. Keep cocktail napkins near the bar area and hors d'oeuvres, as well as anywhere else that guests typically congregate in your home. Additionally, keep guest towels on the bathroom counter so guests can each dry their hands on a fresh, clean paper linen towel.

Let these suggestions help shape all your cocktail parties this holiday season. You’ll be all set to host evenings of merriment!

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