Our Modern Moiré Collection

The simple act of tossing a stone into a pond can become instantly soothing as you watch the resultant ripples spread across the water's surface. We find enjoyment in staring at the shapes on the clouds. Natural landscapes are a favorite photography subject. We are wired to love looking at organic patterns and shapes inspired by nature.

For this reason and more, we love moiré. The process of creating this pattern dates back to medieval times. Although the moiré look was once exclusive to silk, which is still the most common fabric associated with this practice, you’ll also find it on fabrics including wool, cotton, and synthetics.

Textile experts learn that there are several ways to achieve the moiré appearance. The most common option involves a process called calendering — not to be confused with planning your weekly agenda!  It requires folding woven fabric in half, wetting it, and passing the moist material through special rollers that have engraved or ribbed parts. High pressure and hot temperatures, combined with the design of the rollers, cause the moiré look.

Alternatively, weavers incorporate the moiré pattern into the material as they work on the cloth. Some moiré patterns get stamped directly on the fabric through a specialized printing process that uses a contrasting color for maximum effect, too.

Fortunately, there’s no need to be a fabric guru if you want to add moiré to your home décor options, as we've created the Modern Moiré collection for just that purpose.

Dazzle a friend with a present wrapped in our reversible Modern Moiré wrapping paper or stowed in a chic Modern Moiré gift bag. We even have a bottle-shaped bag for wine aficionados.

Set the table with practiced confidence by choosing paper napkins and plates featuring this textile-inspired design. The lightly textured and organic look of these products gives a striking style to the table that’s ideal for events all through the year.

Whether you’re a longtime moiré fan or just learned about it today, our beautiful assortment is just the thing to add brilliant cheer to your home or delight friends with beautifully packaged presents.

Modern Moiré
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