Use Candles to Elevate Any Occasion

Lighting a candle is arguably one of the easiest ways to create a relaxing mood in your home or elegant atmosphere at your table. Simply light watch as the flickering flame casts a warm glow that instantly makes any space feel more inviting.

Historians differ in their opinions of the candle’s beginnings, but many agree its origin spans at least thousands of years. People throughout history have relied on them for light, as well as to carry out religious ceremonies.

Today, we depend on candles primarily for decorative purposes. From fireplace mantles to powder room countertops to table settings, it’s easy to incorporate them into your decor. Our assortment of classic straight taper candles is available in a wide variety of color options, making them perfect for adding an accent color to your room or completing the palette of your tablescape. The 12” Straight Tapers are our new design. Featuring a longer burn time, clean-burning cotton wicks, and a paraffin and palm wax blend, they demonstrate just how far candles have come since their earliest uses. Smokeless and dripless, they won’t cloud up the room or make a mess on your tablecloth. Also, our taper styles fit into either a standard candlestick or a tapered candle holder.

Lastly, candles can add a bit of whimsy to celebratory occasions! Our assortment of birthday candles complements a variety of color schemes and party themes. Our birthday slim candles feature chic metallic accents and our die-cut candle collection is designed to pair perfectly with Caspari tabletop party designs and complete your party theme.

Decorating with candles lets you carry on a lasting tradition and our collection makes it easy to discover charming options to enhance your decor or event.

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