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Pantone's Latest Color Picks

Pantone's Latest Color Picks

If you need a bit of guidance as you make updates to your home or wardrobe this year, look no further than the fresh color picks published by Pantone. The company made its mark in the design industry in the 1960s by creating the Pantone Color System, which solved the complex problem of color matching. The Color System is a catalog in a fan format, with every hue having a name and a number associated with it. If you’ve ever shopped for interior paint or hired a designer, you may have selected new shades using the Pantone Color System as a guide.

Pantone is a leading name in predicting color trends, and people associated with the brand study all aspects of society when deciding which hues will gain prominence for the given year. In the autumn of 2019, the brand released its Spring 2020 color palette. It included the following shades as part of a New York Fashion Week group:

    So, you may see those used especially often in blouses, dresses, scarves, and other wearables.

    Pantone also published four classic neutrals that it expects to complement the mostly brighter shades highlighted on the first list.

    • Lark
    • Navy Blazer
    • Brilliant White
    • Ash

      Plus, each December, Pantone’s experts announce a Color of the Year they believe will define the next 12 months. You’ll often see the shade in products for both homes and people. For example, designers create items like slipcovers and bedding featuring the hue, and leading cosmetic companies often sell full makeup sets based on Pantone’s prime color pick.

      What’s the Pantone Color of the Year for 2020? None other than Classic Blue. Pantone’s coverage of the shade mentions that the color makes people think of the sky at dusk, plus it has a calming effect on all who see it.

      Pantone announced its first color of the year in 2000, but it was not until about seven years later that the concept really took off in a commercial sense. Then, designers from all over the world specifically worked on creating products inspired by the chosen color.

      Now that you know about the colors that Pantone expects to make the biggest impacts in the months ahead, it’s simple and gratifying to find products inspired by those hues or similar ones. Consider starting with one room or area of your home and scaling up from there.

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