Transitioning From Holiday Décor to Spring Style

Once the bustle of the holiday season finishes, there’s a brief pause before the spring season gets into high gear. This is a perfect time to transition your décor to a style to reflect the changing seasons.

One easy option is to start bringing in brighter colors is soft, cool shades. For example, draping a mossy green throw over the back of your sofa or adding lavender pillows to each end can cheer up your winter home post-holiday.

You can also bring a bright style to your tabletop with our guest towel napkins. Choose a design featuring beautiful seasonal blooms, such as the potted amaryllis collection. Wintery florals remind us of the springtime flowers to-come while keeping settings seasonally appropriate.

After spending so much time indoors throughout the winter, many people are ready to tidy up their abodes as spring approaches. Doing that could also involve taking a minimalistic approach to the decor in a main part of the home.

While we may want to move away from holiday decorations, we don’t want to leave behind the memories of the most wonderful time of the year. A thoughtful way to declutter while also keeping Christmas memories close is to frame your favorite holiday snapshots in our collection of colorful faux-leather picture frames. They’re excellent for adding character to an end table or entryway, plus sparking plenty of conversations.

As you create spaces for entertaining into the next season, add in details that make guests comfortable like our sets of coasters in holders. The vibrant designs draw attention to any table or tray. Once you’ve finished your decorative transition, get ready to invite friends to admire it. Stocking up on our acrylic drinkware first ensures people stay well-hydrated after arrival. Plus, our shatter-resistant designs are perfect for transitioning into outdoor hosting as the weather warms.

Rather than letting the winter blues get the better of you in the coming weeks, spend the time gently shifting from all-out winter decorations to ones that show a refreshing hint of spring. These suggestions will get you started and encourage thoughts about ways to welcome the next season.

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