Where We Found Garçon at Hillwood Estate, Museum & Gardens

Many people think of Washington D.C. as a bustling metropolis, and many parts of it certainly live up to that description. However, like most destinations, it offers some treasured spots where people can go to briefly escape from the fast pace of city life.

At Caspari, we wholeheartedly consider the Hillwood Estate one of those places. It’s the former home of Marjorie Merriweather Post, renowned for her life as a businesswoman and philanthropist, not to mention a gracious hostess with fabulous style. All in all, the Hillwood Estate, Museum & Gardens is a real jewel of an attraction, well-placed in the heart of the nation’s capital. As soon as you set foot onto the well-kept grounds with 13 acres of gardens, you’ll instantly appreciate the serene, beautiful atmosphere that makes you feel certain you’ve found one of the most marvelous places in the DC area.

Marjorie Merriweather Post was an avid collector of lovely pieces, and the museum within the Hillwood Estate certainly reflects that passion. After purchasing the estate in 1955, Marjorie decided that her home would eventually become a showcase to inspire the public.

The total assortment comprises nearly 20,000 pieces of Russian imperial art, French decorative work from the 18th century, plus Marjorie’s favorite pieces. From Fabergé collectibles to fine porcelain and antique furniture, the collection leaves no doubt that the home’s former occupant had impeccable taste.

Our Garçon design, a sketchbook-like scene of a Parisian cafe, was found on the wallpaper of the games closet in the Hillwood Estate. The discovery proves how the house holds plenty of surprises, both within and beyond the on-display items. The original design was black and white, but our team added color to give it a fresh and summery, less-formal look. 

You’ll quickly get caught up in the whimsical and bustling Parisian street scene captured in the products, complete with colorful umbrellas, customers enjoying drinks, and the all-important planters and bushes that add charm and realism.

Bring home a piece of Hillwood's history via Garçon tabletop designs, boxed note cards, gift bags, and more.

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